Who we are

Think/Feel is a diverse team of film creatives who tell stories built to excite your eyes and ears. We are producers, writers, directors, cinematographers, and editors, united by the belief that content sucks. Audiences want to be visually engaged, our clients want their experiences to feel authentic, and combining these two elements using killer storytelling is our speciality.

What We Do

Our capabilities are like an accordion, stretchy with a lot of buttons. We range from intimate small documentaries to large studio shoots, from boutique to feature film edits. Our services include:

Creative Direction





Bossy Yet Polite Assistant Directors

Production Design

Big Cameras

Little Cameras




Varying Sizes Of Lights And Stands

Varying Sizes Of Grips To Carry Them

Sound Recordists

Kickass On-Set Playlists

Media Management

Post Supervision


Color Correction

Audio Mixing

Sound Design


Music Composition

And Most Importantly: Always Upbeat Vibes

Managing Partners

Our Approach

We love cookies, but hate cookie-cutter videos. Our comfort with taking creative risks and mixing high-brow with low is a recipe custom-built for our client’s needs.

Our process is all about collaboration. You know your brand’s voice, and we know what looks good. This combination is the creative spark which guides us towards crafting viewer experiences that stand out from the rest.

Our Clients